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Teckla Cederquist Reading in Titusville Home
Photo of Teckla Gustava Hult Cederquist (1846-1933) reading in her home in Titusville, PA.

Milton "Seedy" Cederquist
Milton "Seedy" Cederquist (1889-1981) in his military uniform.

Titusville Baseball Team featuring Cederquist Boys
Titusville baseball team. Milton (1889-1981) is fourth from left in black turtleneck. Emil (1890-1977) is fifth from right. Man who is second from right is wearing a SM uniform which stood for Schatt & Morgan, the local knifemaker who sponsored a…

Lars, Teckla, Clarence Cederquist and Family
Back Row L to R: Lars (1846-1918), Tecka (1846-1933), Teckla (d.1989), Clarence (1874-1960), Clara (1882-1946)
Front Row L to R: Dena (d.2006), Esther

Lars and Teckla Cederquist 50th Anniversary
Lars (1846-1918) and Teckla (1846-1933) Cederquist standing together in a garden on their 50th anniversary in 1918.

Lars John and Teckla Gustava Cederquist
Lars John (1846-1918) and Teckla Gustava (1846-1933) Cederquist around age 60.

Clarence Cederquist Reading a Book
Clarence Cederquist (1874-1960) as older man, reading a book.

Clarence Cederquist
Portrait of Clarence Cederquist (1874-1960) later in life.

Clarence and Emil Cederquist
Clarence (1874-1960) and Emil (1890-1977) Cederquist standing together.

Clarence Cederquist
Portrait of Clarence Cederquist (1874-1960).

Cederquist Family Portrait
Cederquist Family Portrait.
Back Row L to R: Lawrence (1876-1938), Esther (1881-1948), Arthur (1884-1954), Walfred (1878-1959), Clarence (1874-1960), Melinda (1872-1955)
Front Row L to R: Milton (1889-1981), Amanda (1869-1952), Lars (1846-1918),…

Portrait of Cederquist Men
Portrait of Cederquist Men.
Back Row L to R: Milton (1889-1981), Arthur (1884-1954), Clarence (1874-1960)
Front Row L to R: Emil (1890-1977), Lawrence (1876-1938), Walfred (1878-1959)

Milton "Seedy" and Clarence Cederquist
Milton "Seedy" (1889-1981) and Clarence (1874-1960) Cederquist standing together.

Lars and Teckla Cederquist 50th Anniversary
Lars (1846-1918) and Teckla (1846-1933) Cederquist's 50th anniversary photograph on porch of home at 407 North Perry Street with family. Lars Cederquist died two months after this photo was taken.

Milton Cederquist Family Home in Titusville
Milton "Seedy" Cederquist (1889-1981) family home in Titusville, PA, circa 1900. House is located at 602 North Franklin Street.

Cederquist Family Reunion in front of Lutheran Church
Back Row L to R: Chris Blackman, Ruth Glaser, Dallas Glaser, Lars Cederquist, Vic Cederquist, Doug Moulton, Chris Cederquist, Mike Hobart, Karen Blackman, Bob moore, Bob Harris, Linda Olson

Front Row L to R: Frauke Stoeffel, Larry Blackman, Susan…

Plane display
Small propeller plane on display at Benson Memorial Library, possibly 1996

Friends' meeting, basement at Benson Memorial Library, February 10, 1987, Diana Hughes seated left, Marcia Millmore seated right, Standing L to R: Sue Brown, Barbara Auchter, Martha Beal, Esther Chen, Babs Kinder

Christmas tree
Christmas tree at Benson Memorial Library

Children's room
Children's room, main floor at Benson Memorial Library, June 1974

Carol Scott 1
Carol Scott, children's librarian in children's room at Benson Memorial Library

Book Sale 1
Book sale at Benson Memorial Library, Lisa Kellogg, left and Karen Holquist, right

Benson group
Will Benson, Juliette Horton, Mary Varian, Celine (?) Guthrie, Neill Chase, Mary Bruton (?), Elgood Lufkin, Gert Daum (?), ? Roof, May Wallace, Lex Chambers, Emily Rood, Prinsie Benson, Charles Emerson
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