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DW 1607 Tarbell House.jpg
Franklin S. Tarbell residence; 324 East Main Street, Titusville, PA. Tarbell purchased the Bonta House near Pithole for $600, dismantled it and built this house out of the lumber in 1870. Ida Tarbell, author of The History of Standard Oil and other…

DW686 Mather Photography Studio.jpg
John Mather's photography studio on South Franklin Street in Titusville. DW686

Drake Street School, corner of Drake and Walnut Streets, Titusville. DW1810

Titusville Herald Office in Crittenden Hall, corner of Spring and Diamond Streets, Titusville, PA. DW1378

Union School - frame predecessor of Main Street School, Titusville, PA. DW1158

Men lined up across mud-covered South Franklin Street with beer mugs and children, Titusville, PA. DW1063

Byron D. Benson (1832-1888), first President of Tide Water Pipe Company, Ltd., 1878-1888, the first pipeline to cross the Allegheny Mountains to rival Standard Oil's control of oil transportation. DW666

Ida M. Tarbell was the author of The History of the Standard Oil Company and other books, grew up in nearby Rouseville and graduated from Titusville High School. DW665
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