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Will Benson, Juliette Horton, Mary Varian, Celine (?) Guthrie, Neill Chase, Mary Bruton (?), Elgood Lufkin, Gert Daum (?), ? Roof, May Wallace, Lex Chambers, Emily Rood, Prinsie Benson, Charles Emerson

Book Sale 1.jpg
Book sale at Benson Memorial Library, Lisa Kellogg, left and Karen Holquist, right

Joy example 1 Avon, NY home.jpg
Photo of a brass colored radiator from a home in Avon, NY

Byron D. Benson (1832-1888), first President of Tide Water Pipe Company, Ltd., 1878-1888, the first pipeline to cross the Allegheny Mountains to rival Standard Oil's control of oil transportation. DW666

Carol Scott 1.jpg
Carol Scott, children's librarian in children's room at Benson Memorial Library

Cederquist Family Portrait.
Back Row L to R: Lawrence (1876-1938), Esther (1881-1948), Arthur (1884-1954), Walfred (1878-1959), Clarence (1874-1960), Melinda (1872-1955)
Front Row L to R: Milton (1889-1981), Amanda (1869-1952), Lars (1846-1918),…

Back Row L to R: Chris Blackman, Ruth Glaser, Dallas Glaser, Lars Cederquist, Vic Cederquist, Doug Moulton, Chris Cederquist, Mike Hobart, Karen Blackman, Bob moore, Bob Harris, Linda Olson

Front Row L to R: Frauke Stoeffel, Larry Blackman, Susan…

Children's room.jpg
Children's room, main floor at Benson Memorial Library, June 1974

Christmas tree.jpg
Christmas tree at Benson Memorial Library

Clarence (1874-1960) and Emil (1890-1977) Cederquist standing together.

Portrait of Clarence Cederquist (1874-1960).

Portrait of Clarence Cederquist (1874-1960) later in life.

Clarence Cederquist (1874-1960) as older man, reading a book.

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Figure 5. An illustration, taken from the Crescent Radiator patent, demonstrating the improved design of its radiator pipes. (Metal, A Practical Journal of the Factory, Foundry, Shop and Store, V.2, April-June 1893

Drake Street School, corner of Drake and Walnut Streets, Titusville. DW1810

Photo of radiators created by T. C. Joy. These radiators were purchased by a collector in Germany.

DW 1607 Tarbell House.jpg
Franklin S. Tarbell residence; 324 East Main Street, Titusville, PA. Tarbell purchased the Bonta House near Pithole for $600, dismantled it and built this house out of the lumber in 1870. Ida Tarbell, author of The History of Standard Oil and other…

Friends' meeting, basement at Benson Memorial Library, February 10, 1987, Diana Hughes seated left, Marcia Millmore seated right, Standing L to R: Sue Brown, Barbara Auchter, Martha Beal, Esther Chen, Babs Kinder

Joy example 3 Avon, NY.jpg
Photo of a gold radiator from a home in Avon, NY

Joy radiator in a Titusville home.

Ida M. Tarbell was the author of The History of the Standard Oil Company and other books, grew up in nearby Rouseville and graduated from Titusville High School. DW665
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