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The Cederquist family has a long history in the Titusville area. Lars Cederquist was born in Sweden on October 10, 1846. Teckla Gustava Hult was born in Vireda, Sweden on April 27, 1846. The two married in September 1868 and immigrated to the United States. They landed in Boston, Massachusetts on July 26, 1869. In September that year, they moved to Titusville, Pennsylvania where they would spend the rest of their lives.

The Cederquists settled in Titusville during a time of prosperity and wealth after the oil boom. They were one of many immigrant families in the area. They helped found the Titusville Emanuel Lutheran Church. Lars was a successful tailor and owned his own business.

Lars and Teckla had ten children, one of whom, Carl Theodore, died in infancy. Their surviving children were:

  • Amanda Mathilda Cederquist Carlson
    • Born 11/12/1869 in Titusville
    • Died 3/9/1952 in Cleveland
    • Married to Conrad T. Carlson
  • Helga Melinda Gustava Cederquist Holmberg (went by Melinda)
    • Born 2/8/1872 in Titusville
    • Died 5/26/1955 in Claymont, Delaware
    • Married to John A. Holmberg
  • Johan Herman Clarence Cederquist (went by Clarence)
    • Born 9/23/1874 in Titusville
    • Died 10/9/1960 in Valaparaiso, Indiana
    • Married to Clara Bork
    • Worked as attorney in Iowa for 55 years
  • Lawrence Albin Cederquist
    • Born 8/19/1876 in Titusville
    • Died 3/29/1938 in Ashtabula, Ohio
    • Married to Myra L. Sharpe
  • Gustav Oskar Walfred Cederquist (went by Walfred)
    • Born 8/9/1878 in Titusville
    • Died 9/4/1959 in Jamestown, New York
    • Married to Hanna Marie Johnson
    • Worked as tailor with father in Titusville, then as men's clothier and haberdasher in Jamestown
  • Esther Johanna Louisa Cederquist Johnson
    • Born 4/28/1881 in Titusville
    • Died 1/12/1948 in Cleveland
    • Married to Edward M. Johnson
  • Arthur Robert Emmanuel Cederquist
    • Born 4/8/1884 in Titusville
    • Died 5/18/1954 in Warren, Pennsylvania
  • Milton Oliver Cederquist
    • Born 1/8/1889 in Titusville
    • Died 1/6/1981 in East Aurora, New York
    • Married to Anna Tinney
  • Emil R. Cederquist
    • Born 8/24/1890 in Titusville
    • Died 1/17/1977 in Ashtabula, Ohio
    • Married to Florence Andrews

Arthur Cederquist studied at the Chase School of Art in New York City and his work was showcased at the Whitney Studios, in magazines, and in museums. Some of his art is currently held by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Benson Memorial Library was bequeathed some of his original artwork (currently on display) and also owns a collection of his original etchings.

Emil R. Cederquist served in the U.S. Army during World War I and attained the rank of captain. He purchased the Amsden Jewelry Store in Ashtabula, Ohio in 1921 and renamed it Cederquist Jewelry. Lawrence Cederquist was also a jeweler in Ashtabula. A baseball field there is named for Emil in recognition of his work in helping to create one of the first baseball fields in that city.

Lars Cederquist died on November 27, 1918 in Titusville, a short two months after his 50th wedding anniversary, photos from which are included in this exhibit. Teckla died on September 12, 1933 in Titusville, the last surviving charter member of the Emanuel Lutheran Church.

The owner of the materials in this digital collection is Ellen Hobart, granddaughter of Milton O. "Seedy" Cederquist. Benson Memorial Library and the Heritage Connection thank her for her permissions and contributions. Any questions regarding this exhibit can be directed to Jessica Hilburn at Benson Memorial Library,

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