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Titusville History

Benson Memorial Library offers various circulating and non-circulating local history resources that are part of the Benson Local History Collection.

The following instructions will aide you in searching the Benson Memorial Library catalog:

  1. Go to benson.ccfls.org
  2. On left side of screen under "Search our Catalog" do NOT type anything, just press "Search"
  3. This brings up the catalog
  4. Type in the keyword you want to search
  5. Before pressing search/enter, click the "Collection" tab
  6. Select the box that reads "Benson Local History Collection"
  7. Then press search and it will give you the results! 

For more information or assistance with history resources available from Benson Memorial Library, please contact:

     Jessica Hilburn, jessica.hilburn@ccfls.org