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Vital Records

Benson Memorial Library offers various non-circulating reference collections which can assist with researching births, deaths, and marriages withn the region.

     The collections include:

  • Titusville Births from 1857-1917 (on microfilm)
  • Titusville Marriages from 1924-1934 (on card file)
  • Titusville Deaths from 1879-1917 (on microfilm)
  • Oil City Births from 1882-1909 (on microfilm)
  • Oil City Marriages from 1882-1897(on microfilm)
  • Obituaries from 1865-current (on card file)

Additional vital records can be accessed free through Ancestry.com in-library.

For assistance locating vital records available at Benson Memorial Library, please contact:    

     Jessica Hilburn, jessica.hilburn@ccfls.org